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Welcome to the online submission platform for Crocs Lake Business Pitch!

Crocs Lake producers are embarking on a nationwide search to discover Nigeria's most talented entrepreneurs, inventors, creators, and innovators with exceptional businesses and products. Don't miss your chance to enter Crocs Lake and potentially secure an investment from a Croc.

Please note that to participate in the show, you must meet the following eligibility requirements, which are subject to change at the discretion of the US Africa Business Forum:

1. You must be 18 years of age or older (or the age of majority in your state of residence). If you are below 18 years of age, your parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) must apply on your behalf and sign all necessary documents related to your potential participation in the shows.

2. You must be legally present in Nigeria throughout your participation in the show and have the legal authorization to take part.

3. Neither you nor any of your immediate family members (including spouse, parents, children, siblings, and anyone residing in your household) may currently be or have been within the past year, a full-time employee, officer, or director of the following entities: US Africa Business Forum, Stagboiz Entertainment, Pipsfinders Management, Talent WeySabi LLC, Digiblitz Touch, Light of Love Spectacle, The Top CEO's, MissTraders, Naija Music and Art Festival, ThePageantCON, Vision Crowd Fund, Nigerian Realty, Food Parvis or any of their parent, subsidiary, affiliated, or related entities within the media and entertainment divisions of, Inc. Additionally, you should not have any affiliation with Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, or any other social media platform, or any entity owned, controlled, or affiliated with them.

4. Please note that the following entities are not eligible: (i) any person or entity associated with or affiliated with the aforementioned entities, or any of their direct and/or indirect parents, subsidiaries, affiliated or related entities; (ii) any television station that is owned; (iii) any person or entity directly involved in the development, production, distribution, or any other form of exploitation of the shows or any variation thereof; (iv) any well-known major sponsor of the shows; (v) any person or entity providing services to the shows; or (vi) any croc ("Crocs") or any entity that is substantially owned or controlled by any Croc ("Crocs Entity").

5. Furthermore, you must not be a candidate for public office and agree not to become one from the date of the Audition Release until one (1) year after the initial broadcast of the last episode of the shows in which you appear (if applicable). Additionally, you must not have been convicted of a felony in the past 10 years (unless expunged), and you must willingly undergo a background check.

6. I acknowledge and agree that the Producer has the exclusive authority to disqualify any individual who, in the Producer's sole judgment, has sufficient familiarity with any person or entity associated with the development, production, or exhibition of the shows, which could give rise to the appearance of impropriety if they were to participate in the shows.

7. I comprehend and consent to the fact that the Producer has the exclusive authority to determine the eligibility of participants and that the Producer reserves the right to modify any of the eligibility requirements at any given time.

We extend our best wishes to you during the casting process.

If you are a parent or legal guardian completing this application on behalf of a minor, please provide your contact information (as the parent or legal guardian) below.